Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lock Screen :D Donate Version 1.0

'Donation' version of Lock Screen App for locking your device quickly. (Same effect as pressing the power button)

Do you feel inconvenient to lock your device using the power button?

Are your afraid of wearing the power button? (My n1 was repaired coz of that :< ) 

'Lock Screen App' can help you lock easily (without power button).

Features (Free & Donation Version) :

•Lock device with one touch 
 (Same effect as pressing the power button)
•Not a widget so it does not run as service in the background.
 (It'll auto-kill itself after locking.)

Features (Donation Version):
•Lock by long-pressing search button   **not work on Droid 2/X, xpad/apad and device without search key**
•Get updates earlier

### How to uninstall?  ###

This app uses the device administration function introduced in Android 2.2, so you must deactivate it *BEFORE* uninstall to avoid error during uninstall.

To do this: 
•Settings -> Location & security (or Security) -> Select device administrators -> Uncheck this app.

[To use the trackball / other key to unlock without the power button, try 'Widget Locker' app (not developed by me)]

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